About me

Natalia Grits Photographer «Life as it unfolds in front of the camera is full of so much complexity, wonder and surprise that I find it unnecessary to create new realities. There is more pleasure, for me, in things as-they-are.»
David Hurn

My name is Natalia Grits, and I am a photographer, I work in diverse genres and directions in the field of photo art.
I have professional art education and completed training in one the leading photo school in Kaliningrad city (Königsberg - East Prussia).
Participation in international art exhibitions, local photo exhibitions, in various professional photographer master classes, allows me to improve my knowledge in the area of photography increasing my proficiency level.

Except for high technical quality of pictures, one of the principal tasks for me is the composition intensity of the photo, concentrating on the guiding keynote of the plot, finding out and holding the appropriate plot of the reality while keeping its rhythms and forms. No less important for me to know and put into practice all rules of photography such as rules of light, color and composition.

For me, photography is the visual fixation of the outside world, feelings, emotional sensitivity, movements including its all accidental and spontaneous rhythms, life styles, culture, and way of thinking...

To take photos in any of genres I should be skilled, thus exploratory meeting with my client is the significant stage while working. At this meeting we talk photography style, plot, venue (classic or interior studio, or travelling one), and opportunity to invite other professionals (make up, hairstyle, and clothes) as well as choosing additional photo service.
The result of my work is the product that meets the expectations of my client.